About our Northern Ireland Hog Roast Catering Company

aboutus-168x300Spitting Pig are UK wide specialists in the field of Coleraine hog roasts and slow roast catering, using their national network of local franchises to combine on the ground local knowledge of the communities being catered to and an eye for the best local produce with the more than twenty years of experience in the field that the founders of the company can bring to every new venture. Spitting Pig Northern Ireland are your local specialists – experts in hunting down the best local providers of the highest quality pork, beef, venison and game, from a hog roast in Coleraine to a Newry hog roast or a Armagh hog roast and they know your community well enough to provide the catering package you need at the price that suits you best.

Our Speciality Hog Roasts

So what is it about a hog roast that has seen slow roast catering sweeping Ireland from Coleraine hog roast to Newtownabbey hog roast? It’s hard to put it down to any one factor but the simple fact of it is that there is something just a little bit special about spit roasted meat. While catering is most commonly a hidden process, food cooked and prepared out of sight (or, worse still, off-site ready to be reheated later!) and only presented when it is time to serve up, the hog roast in Coleraine turns the act of cooking into a multi-sensory spectator sport. From the moment a full hog or a side of beef is place on the spit of the slow roast machine you have something for your guests to marvel at. Better still just as soon as the steady, even heat starts bringing a warm glow to the underside of your cut of meat, your guests will start to receiving wafts of the heady, chickory infused aroma of pork (or beef or venison or chicken…) gently browning, crackling, cooking through to a delicious, tender perfection.

Place a Newtownabbey hog roast machine at the centre of attention at your event, party or works outing and you will very soon find the sight, the smell and, the anticipation of, the taste of it will soon be drawing in your guests like the Newry Hog Roast Effect. And of course that’s where the coup de grace lies the taste of it. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and you can not, I repeat not, beat the simple, back to basics, tried and tested purity of turning a cut of meat on a slow roasting spit for bringing out the best of the natural flavours juicily infused in an animal’s flesh.
Spitting Pig Catering
The Spitting Pig Northern Ireland team source the best local meat, giving their customers ample choice between the simple and down to earth ‘pig sandwich’ to sides of beef served with horseradish, turkey served with seasonal sage and onion or cranberry, venison or chicken. More than that they also offer a range of catering styles, each packaged to suit the needs of the customer, from a stand up, first come, first served buffet (and in spite of the inevitable jostling to be at the head of the queue when the much anticipated meat is served, the even cooking method of the slow roasting machines ensures everyone gets the best cut of meat) right through to a sit down several course meal, with side dishes, desserts and vegetarian options. Another factor that has drawn many people to seek out hog roast machines as the ideal solution for catering at their event or party is that using a hog roast machine to cook your food to catering standard is something anyone can do. With just a little training anyone can take on the massive task of cooking a whole hog or side of beef and ensuring that it is done to perfection because, with the latest slow roast machines, the meat is practically cooked for you.

Gourmet Standard Catering Experience

The Spitting Pig Northern Ireland use only the best of the latest hog roasters, as you would expect of a company with over twenty years experience of slow hog roast catering, but they are willing to share these with you, the customer. Rather than taking catering out of your hands we at The Hog Roast Northern Ireland are more than happy to empower you to wow your guests with your culinary skills. We will hire out a machine, your choice of meat, even side dishes if you need them, as well as telephone support if you feel you need it, recipes, tips and suggestions to help make your experience of catering for your guests with a glorious hog roast memorable in all the right ways. Just as if we were catering for you, we will provide you with the package that suits your needs and your budget, whatever you need, and, if you get particularly attached to our slow roast machine, we can even include part of the cost of the hire in the cost of selling the machine on to you. As if that weren’t enough we will also deliver the hog roast machine to your door and collect it when you’re done, which can be in as long or little time as you choose.
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