Hog Roast Catering


For some people, organising catering for a wedding, birthday party or corporate event is one of the most stressful and time-consuming jobs known to man. There’s so much you have to do. You have to ask what everyone who’s invited likes and doesn’t like to eat. You then have to spend hours going round shopping for everything, and then there’s the preparation, which can only be done in bits if you’re doing it from home. Once you’ve finally got everything ready, you’re too tired to enjoy yourself. We have bespoke Wicklow hog roast menus specifically tailored for private parties, weddings and corporate events which not only take the stress out of organising a big Waterford hog roast party, but provide you with expertly-cooked spit-roasted pig, carefully-prepared sides, homemade sauces and sumptuous desserts to give you a Sligo hog roast feast to remember.

A Menu To Suit Everyone

Hog Roast Northern IrelandFrom the smallest family gathering to the largest community event, our menus will meet your event’s needs. Our Private Party menus are ideal for, among other things, birthdays, retirement parties, wedding anniversaries and post-match celebrations. If you’re with a community sports team in Wicklow as a player, coach or chairperson, and need to organise something to eat for when the game’s done, you need something simple yet delicious as a reward for spending well over an hour being bashed around by big burly men.

We offer two menus that fit the bill perfectly: Hog Roast in a Roll, which comprises of one of our famous Wicklow hog roasts, apple sauce, stuffing, crispy crackling and plenty of bread rolls, and Snack in a Roll, which gives you your choice of meat should you fancy something other than pork.

A Huge Range Of Party Food

For larger, more formal events, we offer more extensive hog roast menus which come with canapés, sides, starters and desserts to not only reflect the occasion, but to give you the full package when it comes to tasty Waterford hog roast party food. Options 3-6 give you a selection of potato dishes, your choice of starters including mini pizzas and homemade sausage, a choice of meats, salads, bread rolls and, to top it all off, a pick from our outstanding dessert menu.

Hog Roast Northern IrelandOptions 6, which caters for formal sit-down events is best for more formal Sligo hog roast parties, small award ceremonies and anniversaries, as you get an elegant feast which brings you the very best food for the most important event. Our Private Party menu has gone down very well with everyone who’s ever ordered from it, and is one of the most popular services which we provide.

However, our Corporate Events menu is also very much in-demand. As with our catering for parties, we supply top-class catering which is created with the event in mind. Whether you’re running a village store in the most remote corner or rural Sligo or a renowned accountancy firm in Waterford, we’ve got the right menu for your function.

We know that, as with parties, their success can depend on how good the food is. If it’s great quality, then everyone will be in a good mood. If everyone’s feeling positive, then when you’re sorting out a lucrative sales deal, then it definitely will come off if everyone’s feeling upbeat. Luckily, if you order something from our menu, then that scenario will happen.

Take Control Of Your Menu

Hog Roast Northern IrelandEach of our five options will get everyone talking and agreeing with each other about how good the hog roast is. With each option, you get your choice of spit-roasted meat cooked on our high-tech hog roasting machine, plus extras, ranging from crispy crackling and bread rolls to a choice of starters, desserts, potatoes, salads and sauces. We’ll even bring napkins, plates and cutlery, and we’ll come to your event and prepare, cook and serve everything ourselves.

The third part of our trinity of hog roast catering is our Wedding Menu. As with our Party and Corporate menus, we have the occasion in mind, and we always take into account that for an event of huge significance, you need top-quality catering that fits the bill. With our catering for both corporate events and private parties, one of our buffets is sufficient to provide lunch or dinner for a few dozen people. However, we know from personal experience that at weddings, one three-course-meal, no matter how tasty it is, it’s not enough to keep you going through the day.

This is why, with every option on our Wicklow hog roast wedding menu, as well as the main meal, we provide a substantial evening buffet guaranteed to help keep the celebratory mood going. The Waterford hog roast wedding meal is prepared, cooked and served by our highly-trained staff, and with some of our higher end packages, we can also provide waiters to take your orders, ensuring that all you have to do for the Sligo hog roast wedding meal is sit down, eat, drink and take in all the joy that comes with being at a wedding. With each option, you get your choice of meat, which includes our famous spit-roasted pig, chicken, turkey, beef and lamb, plus a range of elegant sides and starters.

As for our evening buffets, we cook everything for that as well, and lay it out so that you can pick and choose whatever you like from it. We include spit-roasted meat, salad, potatoes and bread rolls, and with some options, we also offer a range of canapés and desserts.