Hog Roast Portstewart

Hog Roast PortstewartFor stylish event dining with a difference the only place to come to is Hog Roast Portstewart. We’re here to serve the town of Portstewart a dazzling dining experience that does so much more than just put a meal on a plate. Hog Roast Portstewart prides itself from being apart from the crowd; our foods are a novelty unto themselves and the style of our service is one that stands out for its style, flair, and genuine uniqueness. We’ll treat your event to a fresh display of the best foods around and a stylish affair that raises up your event to new levels. There is little else quite like Hog Roast Portstewart!

The hog roast is a dish dating back centuries, long standing as a favourite amongst community celebrations and events. That is because of the quality it offers in volume, as well as its penchant for flair and spectacle that just adds that little something more to your event. It is seldom seen these days in the proper traditional manner due to the space and effort it tends to take to create, but here at Hog Roast Portstewart we have reconstructed the classic fire roast to be manageable at any location.

With our mobile hog roasting units the traditional hog roast is condensable to a neat and versatile package that can produce exceptional tastes on the road. It also allows us to cook lots of meats and foods at once meaning we have a huge feast packaged for you! This is event catering fit for every day, so be sure to give us a call for any upcoming weddings, corporate functions, festivals, birthday’s anniversaries, small dinner parties, or more!

Perfect Pork’s In Portstewart

Hog Roast PortstewartHog Roast Portstewart is offering up a new way to dine for your events. Our menus are carefully crafted to deliver a top end dining experience that satisfies every taste, but bespoke catering services also leave room for flexibility to allow you to customize to your hearts content. It is your event, after all, so why not enjoy the exact foods and services that you want. And all for an affordable and flexible cost!

Call the team at Hog Roast Portstewart today and take on the delicious experience for yourself!