Lunch At Work Sorted With The Help Of Hog Roast Londonderry

Hog Roast LondonderryWe all know what it can be like on Friday at work when the lunchtime orders start to roll around. Where are we going to go? Are we eating out or ordering in? Some are in the mood for one thing, others another, and no one can make the decisive choice. In the end it almost feels better just to have brought in a packed lunch and be able to ignore the entire process altogether.

Thankfully, Hog Roast Londonderry can do you one better and sort all of these issues for you while also delivering an even better workplace lunch than any of the previous choices. The answer to “where are we going?” is nowhere, and the answer to “what are we eating?” is taken care of with the best roasts in all of corporate catering, because Hog Roast Londonderry has your lunchtime sorted with our freshly delivered roast menus.

Hog Roast LondonderryThe business lunch is one of our favourite corporate catering services to bring to our business partners. It is a service that we run in different ways for our many corporate partners. Some like to have a Hog Roast Londonderry team at their office at least once a week. Others, bi-weekly, or even once a month or on the odd occasion. What we do with this service is arrive to our corporate partner’s workplace and serve an excellent lunch for all of the staff on-site. This is a lunch of the highest quality as our food comes made fresh that day and served hot and ready. We also work with only the best ingredients and local meats and have an extremely high bar for the quality of every one of our roasts. The results for your work team? A delicious lunch at work of the highest calibre, served by a stylish and professional team too for less cleanup and workplace disruption.

You can enjoy varying menus of roast and grilled delights. Our full corporate catering menu is available to pick from when putting in your order, or for more continuous services we can offer you a chef’s special menu of our choosing giving you a nice little surprise to look forward to each time we come by!

Lunchtime at work? Sorted, with Hog Roast Londonderry!