No Tricks, Just Treats – Hog Roast Ballymoney Celebrated April Fool’s With A Tasty Feast!

Hog Roast Northen IrelandApril kicked off with a bang for Hog Roast Ballymoney as we had the privilege of catering for a memorable event organised by Jake on the first day of the month. Embracing the spirit of April Fools’ Day, Jake had orchestrated an evening of laughter and lighthearted pranks, all in the name of charity.

Our role at Hog Roast Ballymoney was to handle the culinary side of the evening, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to be part of such a meaningful event. Understanding Jake’s vision and charitable goals, our catering manager, Jamie, suggested our Southern Slow Roast Menu, a laid-back spread featuring the bold flavours of Deep Southern cuisine.

On the day of the event, our team arrived at the venue, where we were warmly welcomed by Jake himself. After a brief introduction, Jake guided us to the perfect spot to set up our catering equipment, and without delay, our crew got to work. Jamie expertly prepared the meats, including pre-marinated pork butt, Cajun-spiced whole chickens, and sticky pork ribs, allowing them to cook low and slow over the flames while he turned his attention to the flavourful side dishes.

From Memphis-style crunchy coleslaw to Greek salad and potato salad, our bamboo bowls were filled with enticing accompaniments. We also ensured there were options for everyone, including mixed sweet potato and regular fries, along with a vegan-friendly alternative of BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls with plant-based ‘slaw.

As the tantalising aromas filled the venue, our team swiftly set each table with care, ensuring every detail was attended to before the 200 guests arrived. And when they did, their excitement was palpable, especially as they caught whiffs of the drool-inducing food awaiting them.

Before the entertainment began, guests eagerly filled their plates with our delectable offerings, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They adored the authentic Southern flavours and raved about the tenderness of the meat – especially the ribs, which fell off the bone!Hog Roast Northen Ireland

As the evening unfolded, the hall erupted with laughter as entertainers took to the stage, engaging the audience and creating an immersive experience for all. Jake was thrilled with how the event unfolded, especially praising Hog Roast Ballymoney’s contribution of delicious food that left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.