Not Even The Weather Will Stop Us!

Even Belfast’s rainy weather wasn’t off putting at the event we did last night. I like the night do’s not only because the customers tend to light up the area and it looks pretty but also because we don’t have to get up quite so early!

The former was definitely clear when we arrived as there were fairy lights dotted all around the garden. It was just a quiet affair, a family and a whole heap of friends for the wife’s 50th. We got set up around 10 and got the pig on. It was just a half roast but they requested something spicy which was quite unusual. So we did a chili baste. Not too hot or it would have spoiled it. Turned out nice too, had a nice warming glow to the flavour.  Any stronger and the beautiful flavour of the pork would have disappeared. As well as that we had an assortment of salads and sauces. Again there was quite a preference for spicy stuff, which was fine by me as it makes a welcome change.

By about 5pm most of the guests had arrived and we started serving. We only brought a small team, as it was such a quiet affair.

They were certainly very chatty and as Chris spent most of his time tending to the spit I spent most of it chatting up the people which was a really nice change and have Chris a chance to do some actual work 😉

While I mooched and handed out my business cards Trish did a fabulous job tending to the customers needs serving good and clearing up. She’s a god send sometimes!

They must have been hungry, as by the time we hit the time we hit 9 most of the beast had gone! Still there was plenty in the end. The salads went well. Oh and I was right about the fairy lights looked grand. Good job they had a bunch of garden parasols though as like I said the heavens opened and down came the rain. Still it was a really enjoyable event. The spicy hog was really good and certainly one to remember for the future as plenty of people favour the spicy side. Actually we’ve got another similar event coming up soon for a party that wants Indian flavours. That should be an interesting one. The rain was still pouring down when we got all packed up. The party hosts thanked us graciously got the event and we headed off. Was a change getting home so late but it was nice to end the day with such a fun event.

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