Wedding Fair’s With Hog Roast Carrickfergus

It’s no secret that weddings are the bread and butter of most caterers, and Hog Roast Carrickfergus is no exception. As Northern Ireland’s favourite hog roast provider, we’re certainly never short of bookings from local brides and grooms looking for us to take care of the most important meal of their lives. It’s actually one of our favourite things about the job!

We handle hundreds of weddings each year and many of our clients find us through social media, search engines or word of mouth. Another common place for betrothed couples to find us is – yes, you guessed it -wedding fairs, which provides them with the unique opportunity to experience our service before placing a booking.

Just last weekend, our catering manager, Jamie, and the team hot-footed to a wedding fair after being told one was in town and it turned out to be a very successful day for us!

Our caterers got the chance to showcase our services to a lot of brides and grooms, many of whom were excited about the prospect of having a hog roast at their wedding. And who better to provide it than us?

Jamie knew he had to make the most of this opportunity, so he set up our stall with care and attention to detail. A few hours later, our signature hog roast was on display, and the aroma wafting from it was enough to draw the attention of many curious visitors.

Hog Roast CarrickfergusAs couples approached the Hog Roast Carrickfergus stall, our team greeted them with a friendly smile and offered them a taste of our signature hog roast rolls – it was instantly clear that our food was a big hit. While the guests munched on the food, Jamie seized the opportunity to talk with them about our services and answered all their questions.

He also discussed our wide range of side dishes, desserts and appetisers, as well as our vegetarian and vegan options; showing the couples that Hog Roast Carrickfergus is more than the average hog roast provider. We are an inclusive catering company with the skills, expertise and meal plans to make any wedding a special experience.

Our team had a fantastic time at this event, and we are pleased to share that many couples have decided to place a booking with us as a result of their experience! We are very much looking forward to working with them in the future and making their weddings memorable!