A Taste Sensation From Hog Roast Glenarm Is Guaranteed!

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s, a small, casual gathering with friends or family or a huge, formal function with hundreds of guests attending, Hog Roast Glenarm has a whole host of delicious offerings available that’ll tickle your taste buds and satisfy your hunger. While we’re famous for our hog roast centrepieces, we can actually do so much more if needed, as we have alternative and additional dishes to suit all kinds of special diets, personal tastes and appetites that we’re sure you’ll be happily surprised.

One of our sumptuous, sizzling Hog Roast Glenarm hog roasts is a taste sensation that needs to be tried to be believed but so are our spit-roasted meats, as we can cook your favourite to perfection instead, like beef sirloin or a whole English lamb, or chickens or turkeys. You may prefer yours accompanied by seasonal vegetables and a particular choice of potatoes like roasties with garlic and rosemary, or you may fancy garden-fresh salads and coleslaw or just fresh rolls and wraps instead, and either way, our hog and spit roasts are gorgeous mains that are loved by many.

Hog Roast GlenarmHowever, we’ve always known that we needed to offer more, so within our menus, you’ll find tasty meat-free dishes and various possibilities for other courses including canapés, starters, sides and desserts, as well as dishes for guests who have food allergies or intolerances, as we want everyone to be included when we cater. We can always help you decide on your menu, whatever kind of party or event you’re organising, but to make it even easier, we have our own amazing standalone menus available, and the hardest part is choosing which one to feature on your special occasion!

With our Traditional Barbecue, Southern Slow Roast, Alfresco or Loaded Fries, we’ll wow your guests with scrumptious food while you sit back and enjoy it all with them, and we even clear away after and you won’t need to do any washing up (which is true whatever we cater with!) So let Hog Roast Glenarm take the catering reins and we’ll do you proud with something suitable for everyone invited.