Booking In Brides To Be At Belfast Wedding Festival

Hog Roast Northern IrelandHog Roast Northern Ireland were delighted to be invited out to the Belfast Wedding Festival at the Belfast’s famous St George’s Market, and with the event having now been and gone last week it could not have gone any better!

Love Weddings Studio graciously invited Hog Roast Northern Ireland out to their event last Wednesday. The event was a massive success not only for our hosts but for ourselves too. It proved to be a productive evening for the Hog Roast Northern Ireland members in attendance as we spoke to many brides and grooms to be, shared with them our services and heard all about their weddings plans, and even offered out free samples to help seal quite a few future bookings. For both you as the customers  and us as the vendor these exhibitions are great in providing a direct line of communication to both sell ourselves and meet and learn about you too. The in-person interaction is invaluable for both sides; we can showcase ourselves accurately with more than just words and pictures on a page, and you can get an accurate depiction of quite who we are directly!

Hog Roast Northern IrelandAt the Belfast Wedding Festival last Wednesday evening we put our best selves forward. Our sizeable booth showed off one of our favourite hog master roasting machines which we use for events all the time, and we had a couple of sample snacks to try and hot foods too so that guests could really get a proper taste of the real deal in our namesake hog roast. We had our bookings open too for those brides and grooms to be that were really taken by our chat and our foods to get themselves booked in for a future, more in depth, consultation with a Hog Roast Northern Ireland team member and even get their wedding date registered in with us so that we would have a slot saved for them. We came away from the event having spoken to hundreds of eager bride and grooms with loads of bookings and a satisfied team who knew they had done the Hog Roast Northern Ireland name proud!

We would like to thank Love Weddings Studio for inviting us out again, and we hope to one day return for future exhibitions with the team!