Bridal Shower Catering From Hog Roast Castlederg

There are few things in life more thrilling than getting married; many will tell you that this public declaration of love is one of life’s greatest highlights. So it makes sense that betrothed couples would want to get the most out of the experience!

The good news is that there are plenty of fantastic opportunities for brides and grooms to look forward to ahead of their big day. From the initial engagement party to hen and stag events and beyond, weddings are far from being a one-day-only celebration!

As one of Northern Ireland’s go-to catering providers, Hog Roast Castlederg knows this better than anyone, and last week, we had the utmost pleasure of catering for Grace’s bridal shower.

With a wedding to plan, Grace had a lot on her plate, so her mum, Fiona, stepped in to organise the bridal shower on her daughter’s behalf.

Eager to give Grace an unforgettable afternoon, Fiona invited 20 of the bride’s nearest and dearest friends and family round for cocktails, party games and a delicious lunch.

Hog Roast CastledergHired to take care of the latter, Hog Roast Castlederg’s team, fronted by catering manager, Jamie, rustled up our delightful Alfresco Menu for the group. Our crew spent several hours lovingly preparing this lip-smacking feast from the cosy confines of Fiona’s back garden, but with the weather being less than ideal on this occasion, the client opted for us to serve the food indoors.

When the time came, we served a show-stopping suckling pig with crispy crackling, applesauce, sage and onion stuffing and gluten-free and wholemeal rolls to the guests after the first round of bridal shower games. Everyone was blown away by the rich flavours and stunning presentation – but there was more where that came from!

Adding to this fantastic feast, Hog Roast Castlederg served roasted new potatoes, fresh salads, coleslaw and charcuterie boards packed full of the finest Italian deli meats and cheeses.

Finally, it was time for dessert, and despite being stuffed from the wholesome main course, the guests were unable to resist our smooth and creamy homemade cheesecakes and refreshing summer puddings.