Come Meet The Hog Roast Letterkenny Team At A Wedding Fair Near You

Hog Roast LetterkennyAt Hog Roast Letterkenny we are always looking for new ways to engage with potential customers and to get our name out there for future events. With the wedding season oncoming we have had plenty of great opportunities to do just that as Hog Roast Letterkenny teams have been out showing off our brand at wedding fairs across the area. These events have been a great way to meet folk, chat to them about their weddings, allow them to taste some of our foods and see what hog roasting is all about, and even to book in future events be it weddings or otherwise. We love talking to people, and we love feeding people even more, so these events allow us to do both while gaining new customers along the way!

Hog Roast LetterkennyWeddings fairs are an excellent way for wedding venues and wedding vendors like ourselves to showcase their products and locations, and with hundreds of guests often attending it has been invaluable in getting the Hog Roast Letterkenny name out there and finding new fans. With many vendors out at these fairs there is a fair bit of competition for us to stand out against, but fortunately standing out is easy enough when you have what Hog Roast Letterkenny has! Few foods or products will catch the eye more than a whole hog roast cooking away in the authentic style, and with attended then getting to enjoy a fresh pulled pork roll made fresh from said pig too the best booth at these wedding fairs is always Hog Roast Letterkenny’s ! We draw them in with the hog roast, and then the Hog Roast Letterkenny team works their magic chatting away to attendees, learning about them and their future wedding, and often then booking them in for an event – the hog roast roll is always the finishing touch to truly get them over the line!

If you have a wedding to plan for or even just an event of any other nature then be sure to look up any wedding fairs that may be near you. Chances are a Hog Roast Letterkenny team will be at them, so you can come say hello and enjoy a delicious roll for your efforts with us!