Corporate Hog Roast for a CEO Visit!

The Hog Roast Larne team were recently asked by Anna to help her and her team impress the CEOs of their company when they came for their annual visit by providing a stylish spread for lunch! With enough on her plate already making sure everything was ship shape before their arrival, Anna didn’t want the extra worry of having to sort the food out as well, so she was very relieved that she could leave everything in our very capable hands so she could concentrate on everything else!

Hog Roast LarneWe arrived at the company first thing in the morning before the big bosses were due to arrive and assured a slightly stressed Anna that she could just leave us to do our thing as we set to work freshly preparing all the elements of our contemporary corporate buffet! We set up our streamlined equipment in the company car park that was the designated dining area for the day and wasted no time in getting the prep underway!

Anna was very impressed with the wide variety of choice our menus offered and she chose some of our classic slow roasted pork, with veggie skewers for the meat-free option, along with some vibrant side dishes, including a classic Caesar and a more exotic crispy Thai salad. She wanted to go the extra mile with lunch, so she also wanted us to provide some of Hog Roast Larne’s individually handmade canapes!

As always, we were ready to serve promptly at 1pm and before long, the CEOs and the rest of the staff were tucking into our canape selection, which included smoked salmon, pate encroute, mini gourmet sausages and minis pizzas. The rest of our polished buffet went down just as well and whilst everyone was enjoying the sticky toffee pudding and refreshing fruit salads desserts,  Anna told us how grateful she was to us for helping her to make the day go so well with our delicious food and professional service, and she will definitely be asking the Hog Roast Larne team to do the catering again for their next annual visit!