Hire A Hogmaster Pro From Hog Roast Larne!

Hog Roast Larne are renowned quality caterers known for providing delicious slow roasted food up and down the country. Our team of hog roasting professionals are able to cater for you at any event anywhere no matter the weather. Its thanks to our hardworking Hog Roast Larne team that we are so successful and the reason we are able to so reliably cook high quality food is all down to our trusty hog roasting machines.

Hogmaster Pro in use Hog Roast Larne is one of very few catering companies who actually design and manufacture all our equipment. This way we know we can provide only the best service and results every time. Even more unique to Hog Roast Larne is the fact that all of our machines are available for hire and purchase by the public as we want everyone to be able to experience the joy of having cooked and prepared a delicious meal for  your guests.

This week we were contacted by Robyn who was interested in hiring one of our machines. Having been to our events in the past in Larne Robyn knew just how amazing a slow roasted hog with crackling can taste but never imagine she would have the opportunity to create her own.

When we informed her about all of the various machines offer and how they all suit different style she was simply spoiled for choice! On this occasion Robyn decided to go for one of our smallest, most portable machines that still more than packs a punch when cooking a Hog Roast Larne – the Hogmaster Pro! With this machine you can cook a small pig and accompaniments without having to lift a finger as the machine really does do all the grafting for you.

Robyn was delighted with her choice and we are sure she will become an avid hog roaster after using the Hogmaster Pro!