Hog Roast Belfast Making a 90th Birthday One To Remember

For a milestone birthday party that Hog Roast Belfast catered over the weekend, we were asked to provide plenty of options to satisfy various personal tastes, appetites and dietary requirements. We’re often asked to do so, and we have much variety and choice available to our customers and their guests, regardless of the number of people you’re inviting, the location or the formality of your party or event. We can easily cater for small numbers and hundreds of guests, both posh and casual parties, and in just about any location you can think of, as our hog roast machines are powered by gas, which means we don’t need mains electric to cook for you.

Hog Roast BelfastWhen you look at our menus, you’ll see we offer so much more than just hog roasts, even though they are famous for several reasons, including unbelievable taste, gorgeous aromas and a real sight for sore eyes. We also offer spit-roasted meat, like turkey, chicken, beef and lamb, or something a bit more exotic if preferred, and we’re often asked to cook marinated meat or provide barbecues instead. Our winter warmer or Southern Slow Roast menu may just be the ticket, or it might be piles of our fantastic pigs in buns that tickles your taste buds and the taste buds of your guests, or a plated meal with meat, seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

For Ernie’s 90th birthday party at a retirement home, Hog Roast Belfast was asked to rustle up some of our delicate, homemade canapés for starters, make pigs in buns for the main event and also provide various sides, and we would also need to provide vegetarian options for several of the guests.

On the day of the special occasion, our Hog Roast Belfast chef and assistants created a feast for all the senses, with welcome canapés of gourmet sausages, chicken satay, dim sum and mini quiches, followed by mains of pigs in buns and veggie skewers, which were accompanied by sides of sweet potato wedges and our homemade coleslaw, with the sides and some of the canapés also suitable for the vegetarian guests.

By the end of service, Ernie and his guests were all more than satisfied, and we cleared away the empty plates and left everyone to dance the evening away and work off their full tummies.