Hog Roast In Carrowdore

There is something really special about a hog roast in Carrowdore. It is a fantastic place with a good community spirit, so, over the years, we have provided the catering for quite a few public events in and around the village.

One of the most memorable was a medieval themed party. You could see the castle in the background, and the hosts had worked hard to create a true medieval theme in their grounds.

It was a formal event, which meant that we provided the waiting staff, but everyone ate at their food off bare wooden tables and sat on long benches, while dressed in full medieval costume.

It was a memorable event that everyone enjoyed, including our staff, so we were pleased to be asked back nearly 10 years later to do something similar.

The venue was the same, but it had changed a great deal since we were last there. It was clear that the owner had spent quite a bit of money on landscaping, making it an even more pleasant environment to work in.

This time as well as whole roasted hogs, we also provided spit roasted lamb and beef. In addition, one of the machines was set up as a huge barbecue grill to provide guests with even more choice.

Most of the hot vegetarian food was cooked on the grill. As usual, our chefs grilled this food on a separate area of the grill, using separate utensils, to ensure that these vegetarian dishes were not exposed to the meat juices. We were also asked to provide a bigger range of salads and vegetable sides than normal, for this event. Yet another indication that consumer tastes are changing, and a reminder of why we regularly review and update our menus.

Once again, a good time was had by all and we are really looking forward to our next hog roast in Carrowdore. In fact, that has already been booked, the host’s daughter is getting married next year, and we have been asked to provide the food. That event will not have a medieval theme, and will be a more formal event, so we are expecting to be asked to provide our full table service.

We’re looking forward to it already!