Hog Roast Dunnaval’s Amazing Standalone Menus At A Glance

For a corporate event meal with a difference, Hog Roast Dunnaval can really impress your guests with one of our special standalone menus, each of which offers something a bit different and unexpected. The lucky diners could be treated to our Southern Slow Roast, our Loaded Fries, our Traditional Barbecue or our Alfresco, and we’ll tell you all about them here so you can decide on the best one for you and everyone you’re inviting.

Hog Roast DunnavalOur Southern Slow Roast consists of your choice of three slow-roasted meats and four sides, so that various tastes can be satisfied all at once. The meats are marinated in our secret rubs and then cooked low and slow for several hours on the day of your event, then served with some tasty sauces and a selection of wraps and rolls. Choose your trio of meats from barbecued pork, Cajun-spiced whole-roasted chickens, minted lamb, Texan beef brisket and sticky pork ribs and your four sides from coleslaw, seasonal vegetables, corn cobettes, mac and cheese, potato salad, new potatoes, fries, a Greek salad and a seasonal green leaf salad and there you have it – a mouth watering southern-style feast.

With Hog Roast Dunnaval Loaded Fries instead, we top fresh-cooked chips with either beef brisket or pulled pork, add a spicy or a zesty slaw and melting cheese, and you can also choose to have jalapenos as well, for a bit of a kick. On the other hand, our Traditional Barbecue includes British beef burgers, our chef’s homemade gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs, marinated spare ribs, coleslaw, a Greek salad and chips or sweet potato fries (or a mixture of both).

Last but not least is our three-course Alfresco, an Italian-style treat of antipasti meats, cheese and breads to start, followed by a hog roast centrepiece complete with crackling, stuffing and apple sauce, as well as sides of salads, coleslaw and a potato option, finished off perfectly with a selection of homemade desserts, like profiteroles and cheesecake or fruit salad and chocolate torte.

So what are you waiting for? Book Hog Roast Dunnaval for your next corporate event, whether you’d like one of our amazing standalones or a hog or spit roast instead.