Hog Roast Lisnaskea Caters A New Home Party

Moving into a new home is an especially wonderful time, and what better way to celebrate such a special success than to throw a party for 15 close friends? The Hog Roast Lisnaskea team were more than pleased to cater such a heartfelt event. The Hog Roast Lisnaskea team are always delighted to cater every event, whether the guest list is 10 people or 1000 people, so to cater such a special event for the clients was a unique joy for the team.

Hog Roast LisnaskeaThe menu the team created for the event was full of fun, tasty dishes. The food was to be served as a buffet, in the new home of the clients. To make the event easier for the clients as they were settling into their new home, the team recommended that it might be better for the team to use high quality disposable crockery and cutlery for the guests, the client’s loved this thoughtful consideration made by the team.

The delicious dishes on offer at the party were made fresh on site in the hours leading up to the event. The Chef from Hog Roast Lisnaskea worked in the time before the party to make sure that the Cajun spiced whole roast chicken, BBQ Pork Butt and Classic Hog Roast would be ready to be enjoyed by 7pm. Alongside this the chef made truly tempting loaded fries, hearty Mac and Cheese, soft floured rolls and a light Greek salad.

As part of the plans for the event, the clients asked that at the end of the party any food left over would be put into takeaway containers, so that none of it would be wasted. At the end of the small gathering, when the wind and rain finally relented after a whole day of bad weather, the guests left the party with their takeaway tubs of delicious food.

The clients had been thrilled by the teams’ hard work, and the guests had enjoyed themselves too. Not even the bad weather could put a dampener on the joyous event.