Hog Roast Warrenpoint Can Cater At Your University Ball This Christmas

Hog Roast WarrenpointWith the end of the first semester coming to a close, universities across the country are preparing the say bye to students for the Christmas break. This means that all kinds of festive events are taking place- ranging from formal balls to pub crawls! At Hog Roast Warrenpoint we can cater for any kind of occasion with a delicious menu such as this one…

In preparation for this December, Hog Roast Warrenpoint was contacted by a local university to arrange catering for their upcoming Christmas ball. The event takes place each year for students of all ages to enjoy, with a formal dinner, live entertainment, and a night of dancing. For this year’s menu, Hog Roast Warrenpoint was hired to provide our formal dining package for the guests to enjoy. We expected this menu to go down a treat since it is the perfect level of formality for the evening, while still including plenty of dishes for every guest to enjoy.

Our formal dining menu will begin with a delicious homemade soup of the day, served alongside fresh bread and butter. This is a simple yet delicious dish and is the perfect introduction to Hog Roast Warrenpoint’s catering.

Hog Roast WarrenpointFor the main meal, the guests will enjoy slices of slow-roasted pork served with all the traditional trimmings, including sage and onion stuffing, crispy crackling, homemade applesauce, roasted potatoes, and seasonal vegetables. These dishes will come together to create a filling and delicious main meal, with more than enough for every guest to enjoy. For meat-free guests, BBQ-pulled jackfruit will also be on offer.

Finally, the menu will end with a delicious dessert course, with the guests choosing from profiteroles or individual cheesecakes. Each dish will be accompanied by English cream and fresh berries to ensure that it looks as good as it tastes!

To find out which of Hog Roast Warrenpoint’s menus is right for you, simply let us know your party size, date, and location and we can do the rest. We hope to hear from you soon!