Where We Get Our Foods for Your Hog Roast Newtownstewart Events

Much is made of our roasts here at Hog Roast Newtownstewart. We are famed for our namesake hog roast of course – a whole roasted pig made in the authentic spit style fresh at events –, and have created so many other incredible roast dining experiences for guests over the last 20+ years using similarly brilliant techniques with our mobile roasting machines. But these roasts, no matter how many techniques we employ or how skilled our chefs are, are only ever going to be as good as the meats they are made from.

As a roast catering specialist the sourcing of our meats is vital to our success. Our chefs have high demands for their dishes, and so that comes with sourcing only the best meats and ingredients. It also means that there is a need for fresh meats and produce too since the freshness of an ingredient is absolutely integral to its quality.

To ensure this we go to local stocks in the UK and around the areas we are working in. Our sourcing team makes a rigorous search for only the best stocks out of these local farms and vendors, and we are very selective of the meats and foods we take in.

Hog Roast NewtownstewartWe believe in working with the very best local produce for our roasts, as not only can we more readily control the freshness of our foods this way, but we are also supporting local community too. Community that we ourselves are a part of and gain so much from. The local produce here in the UK is excellent and benefits from not having to be shipped from overseas. This means it hasn’t been instantly frozen or processed, leading to a general better quality of cut.

At any of your Hog Roast Newtownstewart events you can feel free to chat to our chefs about our produce. Like your local butcher, you will find them very knowledgeable about the foods they are cooking with and will be able to give you pointers for buying your own meats for at home roasts. We trust in our local stocks so that you can too!