My lovely hog roasting machines.

Killykergan is a small town. And it’s a beauty! I’ve been asked to cater a hog roasting event there in the next few months and I’m quite looking forward to seeing the Emerald Isle again. I think Ireland is lovely and the people warm and true.

But for now, it’s the time in my year that I only attend indoor events such as weddings and birthdays and I take any ‘down time’ to clean, polish, and oil my lovely hog roasting machines. We have a yearly maintenance contract, and I have to say it’s a very good deal as it takes care of the working parts, while I shine up the outside!
We also offer hog roast hire services to caterers who work on their own at hog roasting events throughout the U.K. I am not quite sure how large hog roast Killykergan will be, but closer to the day, if it looks to be unmanageable by just myself and my assistant, I will definitely bring more than one hog roast hire Killykergan machine on the day.

As far as hog roast hire Killykergan events go, I’ve been able to maintain a very consistent amount of bookings with things only slowing down when snow or floods closed roads and made travel impossible. But come the better weather, which according to America’s foremost groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, this year Spring will be early, I’ll be out there every weekend!

I will keep you updated as to how it went and just how many people enjoyed themselves at what I predict, will be another successful event.