We’re on top form.

Bank holiday weekend and the hog roasts were on top form! Hosting a huge Easter extravaganza! The booking had been pre booked since last year so we were well prepared. Catering for two hundred and fifty and the weather was fabulous. Hog roast had the pig cooking on arrival and also a rack of chickens too whilst the meat was cooking we started to lay the tables and had been asked to cook pork and crackling and we suggested our apple sauce which goes so well with the meat, the chicken were sliced and hot stuffing was laid upon the plates, we are well known for our amazing bread buns which are always baked fresh on the day of each party and we are up at in the early hours before a party baking the buns. We chopped, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions to make a simple salad and drizzled our special dressings over the salads making them come alive! We also popped a few hundred potatoes into the machine and made the most delicious jacket potatoes each potatoe is cooked to sheer perfection and cook quickly on our special machines Hog roast hire made an assortments of jacket fillings cheese and onion, tuna and sweet corn and chicken and bacon the potatoes are always a welcome addition and are so cheap to make just a little imagination and you create wonderful fillings of whatever you desire. The day went so well and the weather was fantastic we could not believe the sun was actually shining! The food was going down really well and before we knew it the day was over, we had the van packed and were soon heading home knowing we had once again did a fantastic job. On the Tuesday we were south east and catering for a 13th birthday schools being off and weather nice it turned out to be a wonderful day, we served burgers and sausages and they seemed never ending again a lovely sunny day next weekend we are down south for a wedding and catering for one thousand our biggest number to dateā€¦