A Surprise Birthday Party For A Local Dance Teacher!

Salads4Molly was a dance teacher and taught boys and girls of all ages several nights a week. Dance was and had always been Molly’s passion. Over the years she had taught many classes and even entered the children in dance competitions up and down the country at weekends. She was dedicated to it and to the dance troop and she had loved it. Parents of some of the kids helped out by making the costumes for the competitions. Others provided transport to and from the competitions. It was a well organised little dance school.

It was coming up to a big birthday for Molly and everyone from the dance troop wanted to do something special for her. Somebody suggested a surprise party where the dance rehearsals take place as this would be the easiest place to get Molly to go to without suspicion. Decorations would be easy because the kids could do that. One of the parents was fantastic at making cakes so she was given the task of making a special cake. Another parent was given the job of organising the music and the kids themselves decided they wanted to make up a special dance for the party. The only thing left to sort was the catering. This was our job at Hog Roast Ballyclare. We were asked to provide a buffet with a selection of meats and salads and bread rolls or wraps. We were given free rein on the meat side of things as long as there was a couple to choose from. The organisers wanted more than one choice of meat in case it wasn’t what everyone liked.

We made the choice of slow spit roast chicken with sage & onion stuffing, beef brisket with homemade red currant sauce and BBQ pulled pork with a beautiful sweet applesauce. Warm baby potatoes with a lovely herby butter sat nicely alongside the meats. A very colourful tomato salad with mozzarella and a fresh crisp green salad were sat next to a large dish of fresh homemade coleslaw. Brown and white fresh floured rolls were placed at the end of the table along with a variety of pickles. The buffet looked amazing set out ready for all to enjoy. The party began with Molly coming into a very quiet room where everyone was hiding and ready to surprise her. What a fantastic night. Molly was so great full to everyone and a good night was had by all.