treated to a downpour

July and a lovely day forecast for rain in some parts but we avoided the rain to our relief! And we were relived as we were catering in the great out doors in the middle of nowhere but we did bring with us our huge waterproof marquee in case we were treated to a downpour! The gathering was with the local wild life club so it really had to be out door and it couldn’t be anywhere else we were hired by the local council to cater for the nature explorers hog roast were happy to say yes! The barbeque was requested quick and easy but still the same goodness as all the burgers and sausages we use are made from one hundred percent meat of the finest quality and goodness. Beef burger, jumbo sausages in buns with glazed onions and mushrooms and all smothered in a generous topping of tomatoes ketchup. We had a few vegetarians so we had another machine set up we never ever cross contaminate that would be so wrong and always use separate machines and utensils when catering for vegetarians. On the vegetarian plate we placed some stir fry with lots of lovely fresh crisp vegetables and made some lovely jacket potatoes with some delicious fillings that were enjoyed by all. Hog Roast Hire never fail to impress and we did so again with our wonderful food and professional courteous staff we go out of our way to make each guest special and we do so with ease! We were thanked so much and all the food was gone but we hate taking food away it is always a great feeling when there is nothing left. The nature party had quite a few creepy crawlies in their collection and a few of our staff were quite squeamish to say the least especially our six foot six twenty stone chef squeamish at the sight of a little spider we all laughed so much it was hysterical seeing the terror in his face but we did apologise fun and games as always we do love hog roasting and all that comes with it too!