mouth-watering food

Each weekend we are out feeding the UK with our wonderful mouth-watering food and this weekend was no exception. Hog roast were up north and it was slightly chilly but never the less still a nice brisk day and catering in door at an art show for a client who has used us previously. Lots of very important art critics were due to attend and most were travelling for miles so we knew all would be really hungry so we wasted no time in preparing the food. The pig was placed on the machine at the door way for all to see a work of art in its self we all thought! We placed chicken and lamb on our other machine and then placed some jacket potatoes on to cook and all we had to do now was wait, we had a little look around the gallery as the meat cooked and we were so impressed by what we saw the paintings were magnificent and soon the venue was filling up fast as everyone arrived and we sprung into action! We had a crow gather as we carved the pig and one or two photos were taken we placed the pork on large serving plates and we made some wonderful cracking too! The chicken and the lamb were sliced up and placed on the tables for the guests to serve them selves and they did very quickly indeed! It’s a good job we decided to put some jacket potatoes on to cook we did this out of instinct as to be honest this is what normally happens the food goes to quick and potatoes are a good stand by in case all the food goes to quick which it did in this case too! Hog roast hire made some tasty fillings to go with the jacket potatoes a selection of meat and vegetable fillings we were thanked by the host the event was a huge success and we know we will be asked back again as we again did a good job even if we do say so our selves!