A Southern Slow Roast Feast – Hog Roast Lisburn

When Hog Roast Lisburn caters for any kind of special occasion, it’s with mouthwatering food made out of local, high-quality, fresh ingredients each and every time. From our famous pigs in buns to options for special diets and speciality standalone menus, we have something for everyone, as we want all of our customers and their guests to be able to enjoy what we prepare, cook and serve.

Hog Roast LisburnWe can make you and your guests a plated hog roast meal, full of soft and tender meat, crunchy, salty crackling, seasonal vegetables, potatoes and homemade trimmings of apple sauce, onion gravy and sage and onion stuffing, or we can cook up a spit roast meal if you prefer, with a different meat. We’re also a whiz at barbecues and can help you to create a multi-course meal, with your choice of starters, sides, desserts or even handmade canapés. Whatever your needs, it’s our pleasure to fulfill them.

Hog Roast Lisburn is often asked to cater all kinds of parties and events, from christenings and retirements to birthdays and corporate functions, as well as weddings of course. Whether you want to splash out on a posh formal affair at a classy venue, featuring several courses, or you’d like a simple main course served to family members in your back garden, we do it with style, each and every time, helping to make your special occasion even more special.

For a party that Hog Roast Lisburn catered yesterday, our customer had a tough time deciding between two of our gorgeous options, as she thought that our standalone Southern Slow Roast and Loaded Fries menus both sounded amazing. The former gives you three marinated meaty mains and four sides, hot or cold, while the latter are fries smothered in beef or pork, a spicy or zesty slaw, and melting cheese.

Eventually, after discussing it with her guests, our customer settled on a Southern Slow Roast, with sticky pork ribs, spicy lamb and pork butt served alongside homemade coleslaw, mac and cheese, sweet potato wedges and corn cobettes, and everything was devoured in record time once we served this great feast.