A Wedding Anniversary Feast With Hog Roast Draperstown

Our friendly Hog Roast Draperstown professionals always love to ensure that they do a great job, each and every time, and that’s regardless of the type of party or event that we cater, its formality or the number of guests invited. We can just as easily cater a huge, posh event with hundreds of people as we can a small informal gathering with just a handful of guests invited, and in just about location that you can think of. Our hog roast machines (which we make ourselves from scratch in our Lancashire factory) are portable, easily manoeuvred and run on gas, so we don’t need to rely on mains electric in order to cook up a storm for our customers.

Hog Roast BolventorWhen it comes to the food that we make, using fresh high-quality ingredients and local where possible, like the meat that we source from trusted suppliers of butchers and farmers, Hog Roast Draperstown understands full well that our customers need choice and variety, whether to satisfy personal tastes or bigger appetites or to cater for special diets like vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. So you’ll see within our extensive menus that we offer so much more than the sumptuous centrepiece hog roasts that we’re renowned for, like spit-roast meat alternatives, special menus like our Loaded Fries and Southern Slow Roast and additional possibilities like starters, desserts and sides. We can also make a selection of delicate canap├ęs and serve refreshing drinks if needed, and guests on diets can be catered with their own suitable, tasty dish, made fresh on the day.

For an afternoon wedding anniversary party that Hog Roast Draperstown catered earlier today, our team slow-roasted a hog for several hours at the venue, a large back garden, so that we could make our amazing pigs in buns for most of the thirty guests. Our customer had also asked us for a vegetarian option to be served, and they chose our deliciously creamy homemade mac and cheese. By the time all of the guests had arrived to toast the couple’s twenty-five years together, we had a great feast ready to be served.