Delicious Food For Everyone Invited From Hog Roast Holywood

For people of all ages and for all kinds of special occasions, a traditional hog roast centrepiece is certainly a great treat, and a feast for all the senses too. From the incredible meaty aromas that fill the air to the sight for sore eyes and then, of course, the actual taste when the moist and tender meat is melting in your mouth and you’re crunching away on the salty, crispy crackling. Together with our own-recipe apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, one of our famous Hog Roast Holywood hog roasts is something that will wow the guests at your next party or event, whether that’s your wedding reception, a 21st birthday, corporate function or anything else that you might be planning.

Hog Roast HolywoodNevertheless, our Hog Roast Holywood experts also understand full well that our customers often want choice and variety too, in order to satisfy their guests’ wants and needs, so when it comes to alternative meat mains, we can cook you spit-roasted turkeys, chickens, beef or lamb. We also offer some fabulous standalone menus, like our Southern Slow Roast, where you choose three marinated meats and four sides, or our Loaded Fries, which is where we add brisket or pulled pork, melted cheese and your choice of slaw to freshly-cooked chips. In addition, we have plenty of supplemental dishes available, such as starters, desserts, canapés and sides, both hot and cold options, and if you’re thinking of creating a multi-course menu, you can mix and match items from our menus if that’s better for you, and if you have any guests on special diets, just let us know and we’ll make sure they get to eat gorgeous food on the day too.

Hog Roast Holywood recently catered a private party for one of our long-term customers, who asked us to make pigs in buns for most of the guests but she also needed to ensure that her vegan guests had a lovely dish of their own too. On the day, we cooked a medium-sized hog for hours on end and freshly prepared our dairy-free mac and cheese, and by the time all the guests had arrived, we had some truly delicious food ready to be devoured.