Hog Roast Ballycastle Providing Only The Best For Your Special Days

When it comes to catering private parties, Hog Roast Ballycastle is an excellent choice, and not only if you need a hog roast prepared, cooked and served to your guests. While this is clearly our forte, as you can tell by our name, we can actually provide so much more for you and your guests. Whether you’d like spit-roasted lamb, beef, chicken or turkey for your special occasion, or perhaps a barbecue with our ribs, gourmet sausages and beef burgers that are 100% beef, or something entirely different like our Southern Slow Roast Menu, we have so much to choose from, and that includes plenty of options for guests with dietary requirements. 

For a birthday party that we catered at our customer’s home Hog Roast Ballycastlerecently, Hog Roast Ballycastle was asked to cook our Southern Slow Roast Menu and to provide a vegetarian dish for one of the guests. This amazing menu has something for everyone and that already includes a veggie option if required. With forty guests invited to Ben’s 30th birthday bash, he had asked us to cook barbecued pork, Creole-spiced lamb and whole roasted chickens, to serve alongside mac and cheese, jacket potatoes, spicy sweet potato wedges, and a Greek salad. The vegetarian guest would enjoy our tasty grilled skewers, with chunky halloumi cheese pieces and a variety of fresh vegetables, including mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, red onion, and courgette, and could eat the sides too.

On the day of Ben’s birthday party, we arrived at his home several hours before service, so that we could set up our equipment and start to cook the three marinated meats. They take hours to sizzle away until we get soft, tender, juicy meat that just melts in the mouth. Our Hog Roast Ballycastle chef and his team worked hard on the day, as always, to make sure everything was properly prepared and cooked, from the meat to the sides and the veggie skewers. Once the trio of meats, the mac and cheese and the potato options were all perfectly cooked, we freshly prepared the Greek salad with tomatoes, feta cheese and olives, grilled the kebabs and got ready for the hungry guests to queue up for our lovely feast to be served.