Hog Roast Portaferry Catering For The Farmer’s Surprise Party

For her husband’s 60th birthday party, Jayne wanted to organise a big surprise party to celebrate. She was hosting it at their home in Portaferry on their farm and had secretly invited fifty people to join them for the party. Jayne wanted a casual atmosphere at her party and so hired the Hog Roast Portaferry team to cater for her guests. Most of Jayne’s guests were hungry farmers so she needed to ensure that her catering options would be substantial enough to satisfy them all. Therefore, the buffet that the Hog Roast Portaferry team provided was perfect for the event.

The party was hosted in the evening and the arriving guests were greeted with a lively Hog Roast that entertained the guests. The surprise was a success, as everyone had managed to keep the party a secret, and Jayne’s husband was over the moon to discover the fantastic party his wife had organised.

When the Hog Roast Portaferry team served up the buffet, the hungry farmers were quick to have their fair share so Hog Roast Portaferrythe team ensured that there was plenty of food to go around and topped the buffet up as needed. Afterwards, Jayne shared that she was very impressed by the presentation of the pig served on the Hog Roast Buffet. She also particularly loved the huge selection of sides on offer that the Hog Roast team had made including the crackling, stuffing and apple sauce. The rustic charm of the food worked its magic on the guests and everyone returned for their favourites from the variety of foods offered. The farmers thoroughly enjoyed the food and Jayne was pleased with the success of the Hog Roast as all guests seemed to really enjoy the food.

Jayne also commented on her impressions of the service provided by chef Andrew which she thought was excellent. Moreover, she also said that she would have no hesitation when booking the Hog Roast Portaferry team again. The birthday party was an all-round success and the rustic setting, combined with the traditional Hog Roast, created the wonderful casual atmosphere that Jayne was hoping for.