Hog Roast Carrickfergus – Fundraising Feast!

There are certain events that Hog Roast Carrickfergus cater for where we are not only able to feel proud of the food we have provided but proud of the small difference we have helped to make, such as at charity and fundraising events. Last Sunday we were able to get that self-fulfilled feeling again when we were asked to cater for an Alzheimer’s awareness fundraiser at a local church hall in Carrickfergus.

Hog Roast CarrickfergusWe provided guests with a selection of canapes to enjoy on their arrival along with a drink’s reception. For this occasion, our canapes were our most favoured crowd pleasers which include handmade wholegrain glazed gourmet sausages, freshly baked mini pizzas and Malaysian inspired chicken satay skewers. As with a lot of the venues we are asked to cater for, the church hall wasn’t well ventilated enough for us to be able to cook our hog roast inside, but this was no problem we simply set up a gazebo at the entrance where we had been able to arrive early and slow cook our meat for several hours prior to the guests arrival.

For this event the organiser had requested a more formal serving style of our food which we were happy to oblige. One of our main aims is to tailor our catering services to individual needs and we pride ourselves on that. We prepared our classic slow roasted hog outdoors and then our highly skilled catering staff served up our food to guest’s tables on fine crockery.

The event was a great success, and we are pleased to say that ticket and drink sales for the event meant a total of £1500 was raised for a fantastic charity and we are very proud to have been part of such a special event! Congratulations to all involved from Hog Roast Carrickfergus.