Hog Roast Dunmurry Delivered A HogMaster To Its New Home!

If you love hog roasts as much as we do, then you might have toyed with the idea of purchasing your very own spit roasting machine. But, if you’re unfamiliar with the equipment, it can be difficult to decide which product to go for and also to know when or if you’re getting a good deal.

Hog Roast DunmurryWell, surprise! It just so happens that this is another service we offer here at Hog Roast Dunmurry! For over 25 years, our teams have been manufacturing, using and distributing our revolutionary designs which have completely transformed this ancient cooking method by making hog roasting fully accessible for everyone from novice home-cooks to five-star chefs. We can guarantee you won’t find better hog roasting equipment anywhere else in Europe, and as if that wasn’t tempting enough, our prices are also unbeatable.

Hog Roast Dunmurry has also worked incredibly hard to ensure that all of our equipment is flexible, which means you will never be restricted to cooking just pig. In reality, our machines can slow roast any meat you can think of, and with the additional add-ons and accessories we offer on our online store, this is one learning curve that couldn’t be easier to master.

As a result, it might not surprise you to know that in recent months, we’ve seen a lot of our machines flying off the shelves, and one of our HogMaster’s was the latest to find its way to a new home.

With lockdown restrictions contracting and relaxing faster than anyone can keep up with, cafe owner, Anna was looking for a way to continue serving delicious food to her customers whilst staying ahead of the near-constant changes. What she came up with was a hole in the wall style serving method, which sparked the idea of adding a hog roast to her menu. This, of course, led her straight to Hog Roast Dunmurry!

Anna found our catering manager was a huge help when it came to her finding the perfect machine to suit her needs, and after placing her order, she was impressed when the shiny, new HogMaster was delivered to her door just two days later!