Local Hog Roast In Dunmurry

We pride ourselves as one of the UK’s top catering Companies and that reflects by our feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers! Maintaining that level is a must and we only ever use the best machinery and the very best of ingredients, nothing else will do.

Saturday was a special day for us as we were cooking a hog roast in Dunmurry,  in our hometown for our local Church so that meant a lie in for once! It was the Brownies and Guides yearly presentation day and we were honoured to be asked to cater, as we always are in all events we host. And the menu for the day was pork and crackling and brisket of beef sausages and trimmings. The van was packed and 15 minutes later we had arrived.

It was forecast for being a little over cast so it was decided to have the event indoor in the main hall just in case! We parked up the van and started to carry the machines in. The kind congregation had already lined up the tables and chairs so it was a case of putting our white clothes over the tables and preparing the hog roast Dunmurry. The meats are kept in refrigerated coolers in our vans and as soon as removed they are cooked immediately. We put on the beef then the whole pig which we knew would have the youngsters attention throughout!

Apple and cucumber salad was requested as was peach chutney, mixed salads and our freshly baked flour baps, ideal to soak up the meat and a hefty size too! We all set about doing our thing and soon the tables looked a picture just waiting for the final stages of the meat and the bangers to cook.

On queue the guests had arrived! Mesmerised at the pig and having a thousand questions fired at us by the girls we were ready to serve the hog roast Dunmurry. We carved the beef and shredded the pork and asked who would like cracking? Not one youngster had ever tasted now it was time to convert and by golly did they enjoy it! We were given a cup of tea after we served which was much needed and we too enjoyed a pork and crackling sandwich, we do cook well! In no time at all we were packed and ready to go and happy we only had a 15-minute drive till home. A lovely day was had by all and lots of full tummy’s we love our job we do!